About Us:

We’re just two geeks who happened upon two amazing dogs.  Packet and his crazy antics have inspired a software company bearing his name and IANA is a spokesdog for the correct pronunciation of technology acronyms.  Ever humble despite their noted accomplishments and purebred toy fox terrier pedigree they still make time for the little dogs at the dog park.  Being fans of amateur theater both will gladly perform comic duels with the slightest  insistence (and a hint of liver treat).  

What goes into good dogs? 

Mostly, love and time; good genes is just a starting point.  If you think about it, dogs are amazing creatures.  What other species adapts so well and quickly into symbiosis with another to the extent of trying to acquire aspects of their language?  They really do just want to please and will do so if you let them know how.  It may seem daunting teaching a new dog  how to speak your lingo along with  the rules of the land but in the long run it pales in comparison to the hours of enjoyment you get from having a well behaved buddy who’s always a blast to be around.   

I feed my dogs Orijen, a high protein grain free kibble.  Dogs don’t eat a lot of grain in the wild so it makes no sense that many dog foods have a grain as their primary ingredient.  Another plus is that better food means the pups are not only happier but it takes less to feed them and they make less waste, everyone wins! Since little babies newly weaned can’t handle higher levels of protein I give them a mix of a lower protein puppy food with 20% no grain kibble.  

Don’t Dock Me!

The breed standard for Toy Fox Terriers does not list an undocked tail or dew claws as a disqualification.  If these traits are allowable I see no purpose in ripping perfectly good parts off of perfectly good dogs for aesthetics alone.  Packet has a naturally stubby tail and his dew claws.  IANA’s tail had been docked and her dew claws removed before she came into our family, so their pups have had a mix of tail lengths.  Whether its a stubby nub or a long wagger each frantically flails when you get home, and that’s the important part, right? 


For more information please contact pups@packetdog.com 

We’re located in Mesa, AZ where the best sunsets and Toy Fox Terriers come from!


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