May 15, 2009

All Smiles

Posted in Woof at 1:16 pm by arfnwoof

I think this has got to be my favorite out of all the puppy pictures I’ve taken over the last few months.

allsmilesI still cant quite fathom how they went from wet, whiny, gooey little blobs to these handsome, silly, sweet little dogs, but here they are.  They still have the puppy chub, but look at those long faces;  And talk about teamwork, they’ve already figured that if a few of them distract me, the rest can build a dog-pyramid to get into the food bags! IANA has been pretty spry for a mama lately and chases the little guys around the house.  I guess she figures I could use some help, but after she’s had enough its always *scratch scratch* at the door and “Hey Ma, could you watch the kids while I go out for a while?” :)  Dogs, gotta love ’em.


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  1. Meg Ring said,

    Oh my goodness! They have gotten so big so fast!! Which baby is in this pic? Eeek, too cute! <3

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