May 10, 2009

Pack of Ninjas

Posted in Woof at 3:47 pm by arfnwoof

Its been a busy week, and boy am I envious of the pups energy.  They’re boldly exploring where no pup has explored before (or so they think) and I keep pulling puppies out of interesting crevices.  I thought the bookshelf was haunted when the paperbacks started moving on their own, but moments later a cheeky Cache springs out and laughs at what a scardy cat the Big Head Lady is. :)  Afterwards the livingroom erupted into an old kung fu movie, or some sort of ancient puppy martial art at least. (I’m not going to question the technique of those skilled warriors, are you?)  

And on a geeky note, we saw the new Star Trek, which was pretty fun.  Packet of course was upset at us for not taking him along to see his hero, his middle name IS Tiberius after all.